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Safe and Efficient Transportation

As your County Commissioner, I will prioritize the safety and maintenance of our county road system, making sure transportation for residents and visitors is safe, pleasant, and efficient.

From the smallest country lanes to our city’s main streets, roads are an important responsibility of county government. If you have driven South Frederica Street lately, you know how it feels to drive on a bad road, complete with potholes, chunks of missing pavement, and rutted or non-existent shoulders.

While I realize that many roads are state responsibility - we need to continue the progress our road department has made to keep up our county roads. Our farmers and agribusiness owners, who fuel our economy, depend on good and safe roads to transport their goods.

Drainage and flooding have always been a problem in Daviess County. While there are no quick and easy solutions, I pledge to make this one of my top priorities.

Earlier this year the KYTC announced a survey to address the possibility of an Outer Loop for our area. This proposal would take or divide much of our precious farmland. As President of the STOP THE OUTER LOOP Facebook group, I was faced with the task of making the public aware of the situation. Using a special map, we showed residents if their own property would be affected. This helped us coordinate loud opposition to this massive destruction to our community.

Our group made people aware through signed petitions, a slew of yard signs, and a loud public outcry to our officials. We stopped this ridiculous and unnecessary endeavor in its tracks. Regardless of what the newspaper and some media outlets have claimed, one of the key members of the KYTC assured me the loud opposition from the citizens was the main deciding factor in their decision to end to the Outer Loop proposal at this time. But since he stated “at this time”, I believe we need to stay vigilant in this opposition and that is one of the reasons I chose to run for your County Commissioner.

But much work needs to be done to maintain our current roads. We are home to a huge farming community, and reliable roads are essential to hauling crops and livestock through our county each year.

Our roads are a big part of this economic engine. I will continue to advocate for the progress we have made to maintain our existing roads, instead of focusing on new roads with development that would destroy our unique character and way of life that defines Daviess County.

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