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Why I'm Different

 I am not a career politician nor am I a protégé of the current county government. I will not be a rubber stamp for the status quo. I owe no allegiance to anyone but the voters. I will not be swayed to vote for any situation that’s not in the county’s best interest. 

I am naturally inquisitive and not afraid to ask the tough questions. I have the courage to challenge any and all proposals that aren’t fiscally sound and don’t make good common sense. I understand smart growth, and I am pro-business when it benefits the entire community.

I currently own Marksberry Real Estate, LLC and previously co-owned Marksberry Appraisals with my late father, Bill Marksberry. Through this work, I have helped thousands of county residents make some of the biggest financial and emotional decisions of their lives.

I believe in the importance of providing everyone with a chance for success, especially those who face extra obstacles. I have previously served on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters and welcomed Girl Scouts to summer camps at my home stable for many years. 

My entrepreneurial spirit has also helped me start three community outreach programs with my horses that yielded tremendous results and showed me the value of offering help to those in need, especially our county’s children:

- Read for Steeds - a read-to-ride program that offered free riding lessons to elementary-age children who completed their reading assignments. Their reading scores improved more than 300% over the first eight weeks!

- The Jabez Riding Program - A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit riding program for underprivileged kids who otherwise would never have had the chance to be among these “magnificent animals”, as one participant described the horses. This offered a chance for inner city kids to come out and enjoy just being in the countryside, and their self-esteem soared after participating in the program.

- Partnership with St. Joseph Peace Mission - Children going through some of the most difficult times in their young lives were invited to come ride and groom the horses for emotional support.

I will be an advocate for you, the citizens. I pledge to you to always be watching and listening. I will be accessible and available. I will make my work as county commissioner my full time job.

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