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Community Health & Welfare

Daviess County’s greatest resource is our people, and our local government should put as much care and attention into their welfare as it does into business and economic growth.

Hunger is at the root of many of the ills of society. As a community, we can put a big dent into our local hunger problem with leadership and cooperation.  This is an area where I think the county government can help. As County Commissioner, I will start by finding ways to bring our bounty of fresh, healthy foods to county residents experiencing hunger.

I will explore options to bring a fresh food truck to areas that need access to healthy food.  I believe this can be done in cooperation with local producers, agencies, and churches. Right now, residents who live just down the road from our flourishing downtown do not have a grocery store within easy reach, only convenience stores with prepackaged and unhealthy food.  Experts call this condition a 'food desert' - and it should not exist in our county, blessed as we are with such bountiful harvests.

I want to help to implement a fresh produce food truck system to enable folks to obtain fresh produce in areas that currently do not have access to healthy food. I will also explore other ways to ensure no Daviess County resident, no matter their age or income, goes without the nutrition they need.

Also, we can make great strides in providing learning and enrichment opportunities for our students and young adults. I would like to see more recreational programs that introduce them to nature and agriculture. Daviess County has fantastic sports programs, but these don’t appeal to everyone.

As County Commissioner, I would encourage more activities that involve caring for animals and working in nature to help young people develop compassion and commitment and build self-esteem.

Let’s also find new community-based reading programs and initiatives to keep kids in school. We have talked for decades about our community’s brain drain – the loss of our most talented and best students who move away. My goal is to provide enrichment opportunities at home that encourage
talented youth to find and maintain their path right here in Daviess County.

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