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My Conservative Credentials

∙ I care about Daviess County. I was born and raised here, and grew up on a crop and dairy farm. I have empathy and understanding for the farming community and rural lifestyle. As I matured, it was a privilege to watch and learn from my family’s hard work and legacy of service to this community.

∙ As a Christian conservative and proud Republican, I hold to these principles:

∙ Pro-Life and Family.

∙ Pro second amendment.

∙ The sanctity of free speech and freedom of association.

∙ I am against cancel culture, and will always defend personal freedom.

∙ I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Everyone deserves a chance at a career they love and the environment to prosper. 

∙I’m a champion for small businesses. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, and believe in low taxes and efficient, limited government.

∙ With over 35 years’ experience in real estate sales and appraising, I have become uniquely qualified to fight for your property rights, which I believe are sacred. Everyone deserves a chance to live in a safe and secure environment.

∙ As President of the Stop the Outer Loop organization, I had the privilege of leading their efforts to preserve Daviess County. This effort has revived my love for the unique character of Daviess County and fueled my passion to keep our farmland, which has a huge economic impact on our town.

∙ I’m not afraid of challenges and am willing to make tough decisions in the interest of my constituents. That sometimes means not always going along just to get along, and not stepping away from divisive issues.

∙ I have an open-door policy and will always make the time and effort to listen to your concerns and address your criticisms.

Do you have questions about my background or qualifications? - Send me a quick message and I will respond.

God Bless,

Janie Marksberry

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