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Stop the Outer Loop

I am the only candidate for County Commissioner who actively stands against the Outer Loop.

I have the privilege of serving as the President of the Stop the Outer Loop citizen's group. With the help of many volunteer members, we signed petitions, put out yard signs and contacted local officials. We did indeed Stop the Outer Loop - for now.

When I say 'for now' - it's because I do not believe this is over. I believe they will reintroduce the Outer Loop in segments, beginning with Newbolt Road and Millers Mill Road.

Some may believe that we overreacted in our response to the proposed project. Others say the loop project had no chance, even without a citizen protest.

I disagree with both points. I have had many conversations with officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. They assured me the loud opposition from the citizens was the main deciding factor in their decision to abandon the road project.

We elect government officials to represent our views and interests. This does not mean that after the election is over, we citizens have no role or responsibilities. We have an obligation to speak out when the government goes 'off the rails'. This was the case with the Outer Loop.

The officials that created this proposal may have been well-meaning. But they grossly misunderstood the impact. The 2,538 members of our group, along with 1779 signers of a written petition, and 5966 on a virtual petition did not misunderstand. They knew instinctively and immediately this was a terrible idea.

Property rights are the cornerstone of our freedom. This road proposal would have trampled the rights of thousands of county residents. It would have destroyed the rural character and seriously hurt the farm economy of our county.

That is why we spoke out, with an immediate and loud voice. Not only because it is our right as citizens, but our responsibility. We citizens are not merely obstacles to the wishes and desires of our leaders. We, the people, are in charge - but only when we take action.

Thank you to all the people who spoke up and took action. However, the Outer Loop is only being shelved by the State - 'for now'. So we must be vigilant.

As your County Commissioner, I will monitor the process, take necessary action, and fight for our rights as citizens!

Thank you and God bless,

Janie Marksberry

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